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Visit the rainforest village, Aguas Zarcas

All customers always have the possiblity to visit the rainforest nursery and to see the plants for their exhibit before the plants are shipped. Read more about this deal on How to order.

ZOO staff can by all times by hosted at our host families in the village. Tropical Zoo Plants offers a ZOO staff program

When Lars Bo Kjeldstrøm works at the nursery he focus on the identification of new species in the nursery and the development of the production facilities and the education of the staff.

Students can attend the Tropical Zoo Plants Student program. Students must speak Spanish and have a wish to work volunteering for the primary village school and live with local host families. Please contact Lars Bo Kjeldstrøm, to hear more about the program.

The Student program can be seen here in Danish! Studieprogram



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