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Tropical Zoo Plants

 supplying zoos & aquariums​​​​​

Company Policy

Nature conservation and non-timber production

The Tropical Zoo Plants rainforest nursery is part of a sustainable development and is appreciated by the local government.

We hold permission to harvest seeds and cuttings that can be found in great numbers in the undergrowth. This will not damage the forest when done correctly.

In our rainforest in Costa Rica the biodiversity is very high. One of our goals is to play a role in habitat conservation. This can be done by acquiring more rainforest and this way we can protect an even larger area where plants and animals are saved. We will continue to improve the production facilities in the rainforest village and support the local people with a continuous income.

Creating a sustainable future for the local people is very essential in modern conservation both in order to save plants and animals.


We care about the people working in the nursery. Free lunch break, free coffee and snack break.

Our employees have each their own field of responsibility in the nursery and they all participate in weekly staff meetings.

We offer all employees classes in English.

School visiting the nursery.jpg

School visiting the nursery

Staff meeting.jpg

Staff meeting

Cooperation with other villages

In 2007 we bought 10 Iguana iguana from the Bri Bri Kekoldi reserve. They breed the animals as the number of these creatures has been decreasing over the years. The Iguana iguanas were set out in freedom in the nursery.

If you visit the Chocolate woman in Bri Bri you will get the most interesting stories from her life - and taste her wonderful homemade chocolate. 

In 2007 we arranged a contact to the Aalborg Zoo Shop, and the sale of fairtrade products from the Bri Bri Kekoldi reserve is now a reality. We bring the products from the Indian reserve to Aalborg Zoo twice a year.

The chocolate woman.jpg

The chocolate woman

Iguana iguana.jpg

Iguana iguana

Recycling of plant containers

Sacks for the plants are sewed by local women of nylon mesh. The nylon mesh is a waste product from big nurseries - used for shading.

The plant sack is used in a wooden crate that is handmade of waste wood from sawmills. The crate can be re-used at the nursery - as only the sack with the plant leaves the nursery. This way more plants can be stored in a shipping container and a soft sack will not damage any of the other plants in the shipping container during the transport.

Fairtrade products.jpg

Fairtrade products

Fairtrade products.jpg

Crates of waste wood

Sewing sacks of recycled nylon mesh.jpg

Sewing sacks of recycled nylon mesh