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Tropical Zoo Plants

 supplying zoos & aquariums​​​​​

Welcome as our customer

We are glad to be your supplier of tropical plants.

We supply a diverse variety of true rainforest species.

All plants carry legal papers and are shipped from Costa Rica in 40 feet containers. One container will provide aproximately a 500 brutto sqm. rainforest exhibit with big trees, palms, epiphytes, understorey and climbers.

Contracts must be signed aprox. 3-12 Months before delivery.

Our customers can visit the nursery in Costa Rica to see -and assist tagging the plants before shipping. This visit normally takes place 1 Month before shipping. The visit can be arranged by Tropical Zoo Plants.

How to order

Step 1:

Forward us information of your project  including an overview plan of the construction showing sizes of plant beds in sqm. and height of the construction.

We need to know the time schedule of the project showing aprox. times for construction work, when the plants are needed and a date for the opening day of the exhibit.

Give us information about any special plant wishes - themes of your exhibition, and also a list of animals roaming in the exhibit.

Step 2:

We make you an offer of the complete supply of plants to create a fully diverse rainforest expression. The supply will include trees, palms, lianas, epiphytes and understorey.

Step 3:

If you wish for any alterations in the plant lists, we adjust the offer to everyones satisfaction.

Step 4:

After adjustments you sign the agreed contract. You have now made your order and can turn towards other tasks....we will keep you opdated on the progress until our contract is fulfilled and your exhibit is created.

We are looking forward to hear from you and guide you through our rainforest reserve, Reserva Regia  - and to show you how plants really should be growing in your rainforest exhibit.

So........see you in the rainforest!

order 12.jpg
Heliconia wagneriana

order 2.jpg
Gurania makoyana

order 3.jpg
Quassia amara