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Tropical Zoo Plants

 supplying zoos & aquariums​​​​​

Products and services

Supplier of Tropical rainforest plants for zoo's and Aquarium's and other botanical exhibits.

Most plants are true rainforest species, produced in our own sustainable production in Costa Rica.

We supply trees in all sizes, palms, understorey, epiphytes, lianas and ferns.

Our production consists of a very high diversity, and we are able to supply a complete rainforest solution for your exhibit.

We offer consultancy of all aspects concerning creating tropical exhibits.

  • The physical frames (the building)
  • Diversity of plants and their physical needs
  • Water and irrigation systems, rain and fog
  • Light and shade - artificial light
  • Soil and draining, water balance in the plants
  • Diseases and biological programs to control them
  • Development and maintenance of the growing forest
  • Pressure on plants from animal ex-situ
  • EAZA registration of plants according to animal/plant database